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Design Engineer

Christopher LaRose

The Director of UX & Strategy at Elegant Seagulls

Working in a collaborative role executing UI/UX, design and development, I help chart a course for project success. Throughout the project, I function as an intermediary between all teams. The goal is to keep open communication for project success and team health.

My Work


What I am looking forward to now and into the future.

A good strategy and design system, executed with empathy, impacts all involved. It also sets a foundation for future growth. I hope to continue to advocate for strategy and design systems that meet the needs of the project without bloating it. In my own processes, ADA became an afterthought in an industry hungry to produce. It’s my goal to do a better job advocating and implementing ADA. Even with this site I am certain I have interpreted things wrong and made mistakes. There is much to learn and I am excited to keep pushing myself to improve.

During the information architecture and wire-framing process, truly creative explorations tend to take a back seat. I hope to weave more creativity during these crucial moments in a project’s life cycle. Most importantly, I hope to find a better work/life balance that leaves me satisfied in my career rather than longing for something more. My portfolio is a step in that direction, giving me space to process my thoughts and showcase the work I am so proud of.

My former background in youth development and broadcasting has enabled me to communicate empathy and curiosity with everything I do.