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Freelance for Kella Design

In 2014 one of the co-founders of Kella Design, Joe Leschisin, reached out at a pinnacle moment in my life.

I had recently graduated college and moved back home. My wife and I decided to live in my Mother-in-Law’s basement to save money and prepare for the crushing student loan payments that were going to start soon after graduation. When I was preparing this portfolio, I was pleasantly surprised to find many of the sites I worked on and developed were still live. Keep in mind these sites are 7 years old, but the fact that they continue to serve their clients excited me. Joe, if you ever read this, thanks again for all the opportunities and providing me the work that enabled me to start a family.

Visit Dunner’s Lawn Care, Auburn Ridge and X-ES Solutions.

  • Design
  • Wordpress Development
  • Project Scoping & Milestones
  • Responsive Development
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Gotta respect the side hustle.

Kella Design provided me excellent opportunities to design and develop websites for a few of their clients. These opportunities helped me better understand working on a project outside of the traditional workflow as a freelancer. It also helped me understand how others in the industry worked with their clients. To freelance is to also project manage. So writing contracts and setting up efficient and clear scopes of work was crucial to the success of these projects. Timeline was also critical and I was able to deliver on time without any compromises to either my career or the freelance work. I was able to save enough for a down-payment on a home and take a very long hiatus from freelance work until the Michigan Herp Atlas came along.

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