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My Work for Elegant Seagulls

Elegant Seagulls is a creative agency based in Marquette, Michigan that works for clients big and small.

To provide some context, we’ve worked with Audible, Quest Nutrition, CNN, Hubspot, Forbes and PROS. Elegant Seagulls also works with wonderful local brands like Stormy Kromer, Bell’s Brewery and Dickinson Homes. We take a client forward approach embedding ourselves as part of their team. We pride ourselves on being visible and building a great relationship that lasts for the long-term. Ben Johnson and the Seagulls Crew took me under their wing when I was a fledgling designer and developer. I was hungry for real world experience and they let me jump right in and nurtured me along the way.

  • Baseline Project Research
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing
  • Persona Mapping
  • User Flow Charts
  • Light Prototyping
  • ADA Auditing
  • Social Campaigns & Templating
  • GDN ADs
  • Design Systems
  • Concepting / Designing
  • Brand Guides
  • WordPress Development
  • Shopify Development
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My journey at Elegant Seagulls

First and foremost I help the team crush client projects and make deadlines. We’ve rarely missed one. A memorable milestone for me was winning a developer awwward for Tens Sunglasses. Another project that left a lasting impression on me was building the Circles Conference website in 2017, attending the conference and participating in a panel. I have learned so much at Seagulls. I’ve crafted and honed my skills in a variety of roles at the company.

The roles I’ve had at Elegant Seagulls are the results of a 10 year journey. Starting as designer & developer I honed my skills, eventually becoming the Director of UI/UX. As clients’ needs continued to grow we needed to invest more time into bridging the gaps between design and development. So we created a role that has been crucial to operations ever since, the Director of Design & Development (now Technical Director). Today I am working as the Director of UX & Strategy furthering the client experience with research, information architecture, wire-frames, prototyping, concept designs and more.


Helping Clients Find Success

At Seagulls I work closely with the client throughout crucial stages of the project. We work through information architecture, wireframes, and prototyping when necessary. Once final approval is in place I make sure the hand-off to the design team is clear. Throughout the rest of the project I work closely with the Project Managers, Design Team and Developers to see that the cornerstones and project requirements are executed efficiently and are implemented with long-term manageability and extensibility.

Throughout my tenure at Elegant Seagulls, I’ve implemented improvements across all facets of the business. I spearheaded the best practices documentation across design and development. I put processes in place so we could analyze our project workflows from start to finish. I’ve advocated for the team and played a pivotal role in improving communication across all channels. From team reviews to project management workflows, I’ve tried to be a fundamental keystone in it all.

Elegant Seagulls does not allow us to showcase client work in our online portfolios. If you are interested seeing an in-depth look at my individual work please reach out to me via email.

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