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About Chris

Christopher LaRose

Father daughter standing with a ooni pizza oven

I'm a 35 year old Design Engineer born and raised in Metro Detroit.

My past experiences as a youth-development professional and radio broadcaster have contributed greatly to my ability to empathize and communicate with others. Those skills have enabled me to bring thoughtfulness and curiosity into everything I do.

My Work

Approaching problems with creativity and empathy has led to long lasting results for clients I’ve worked with.

It’s also enabled me to encourage leaders to see the team holistically. I’ve found a lot of joy in seeing the teams grow and hearing the clients’ excitement when they can finally take control of their website and content creation funnel.

I try to look at things in two phases.

I try to look at things in two phases: the short-term and long-term. It’s enabled me to balance business goals, personal growth, client outcomes and long-term sustainability of the variety of systems that make up the whole. I’ve been extremely dedicated throughout my career at Seagulls. 10 years at a company isn’t something you find in this industry too often.

When I am not working, I try to spend as much time with my daughter and family as possible. All my other hobbies get folded into that experience. My dad dreamed of making music and so we record every Tuesday. You can hear the music he made here. I love making pizza and so my daughter and I make pizza once a week together.

Due to my sedentary lifestyle and heavy work schedule, I put on too much weight. Now I’ve been cycling and once I started that process, my daughter was excited to take the training wheels off her bike and join me on the trails. We’ve had so much fun making cycling part of our lifestyle. The arts have always been important to me and I love to dabble in making music, photography, and of course, graphic design. In the past, prior to Spotify, I had a massive music collection I took pride in. Now everything is blown open and it’s amazing and overwhelming. My dad and I have seen over 200 artists together. The live music experience is sorely missed during the pandemic. I hope to do more writing on this website too. Thanks for checking it out.