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My New Album Memories in Orbit

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As we grow older the sheer probability of bad things happening increases. The same is true as we grow our families and communities. As pessimistic as it seems, the opposite is also true. We create deep relationships and form new memories filled with joy.

This album is a meditation on those memories and my processing of this mortal balance that becomes clearer as time passes.

It’s hard not to despair of the turmoil during this challenging time. We are living in a global pandemic. On the precipice of climate change. There is political instability and human rights violations. All the while the parasite that is social media tears at us. Our social fabric feels like it’s past fraying. We are being driven further apart when we need each other more than ever.

This album is an escape and reflection of both joy and sorrow. It’s a reminder to myself that we are in orbit together.

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