LUCA Music Project

I founded The LUCA Music Project to contribute to open-source and creative commons communities by releasing audio samples into the public domain under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License to be shared and adapted, even commercially.

The LUCA Music Project displayed on an Ipad
The LUCA Music Project Device Closeup
The LUCA Music Project Website Mock

Design, Identity, Development

The site was designed and built by copying, combining and transforming other public works by artists in The Noun Project, NASA and Hubble Telescope imagery, open source typeface Ubuntu and WordPress.

The LUCA Music Project Logo Design

Using my background in broadcasting and audio production I recorded the 100+ audio samples, as well as produced the special Ableton audio kits used for producing music. The project is my way of giving back to the public domain, which has helped make the web a better and more accessible place.